Santa Ana: Suspicious Bridge Fire Prompts Freeway Closure, Damages Storage Container

04.26.2020 | 1:08 AM | SANTA ANA – A suspicious fire at a homeless encampment under a freeway overpass damaged a storage container and prompted a full freeway closure while firefighters battled the blaze, early Sunday morning.

Authorities responded to multiple callers reporting a fire burning under the SR-55 Freeway overpass just north of Edinger Avenue near adjacent to the railroad tracks on the Santa Ana/Tustin border around 1:08 AM.

Crews arriving on scene located the fire but had a difficult time accessing it due to steep terrain.

Eventually firefighters descended from the top of the SR-55 Freeway down an embankment to extinguish access the fire.

It took crews about 15 minutes to extinguish the flames once they made access but a second engine had to be requested to assist with additional water.

No injuries were reported but the flames spread to a nearby storage container at a car dealership and damaged valuables inside.

A news photographer who arrived prior to authorities saw a male dressed in all black walking away from the fire but authorities were not immediately able to locate him.

All northbound and southbound lanes of the SR-55 Freeway were closed for at least an hour while crews worked to contain the blaze.

Investigators are working to determine the cause of the fire and are searching for any possible suspects.

Miles Madison

Miles started reporting breaking news in 2015 and has been providing high-quality news video and timely reports from the Orange County area ever since. Combining his experience as a seasoned photojournalist, radio operator and sleuth, Miles provides unrivaled multimedia news reports.