Fullerton: Reported Armed Robbery At Marijuana Dispensary Prompts Large Police Response

01.14.2023 | 11:27 PM | FULLERTON – Reports of a possible armed robbery prompted a large police response at a marijuana dispensary, late Saturday night.

Police responded to reports of an armed robbery involving a person with a gun at Fullerton Exotics, a marijuana dispensary located in the 1100 block of East Ash Avenue, around 11:27 PM.

Several individuals in the area were detained as a plethora of police responded to the scene but the circumstances regarding the incident remain unclear.

Firefighter paramedics were requested to stage nearby but no injuries were immediately reported.

Authorities were unable to provide additional information regarding the incident.

Junior Martinez

Junior joined the County News Service team in 2021 covering a variety of breaking news stories from fires to crashes and protests. As a Southern California native Junior excels in locating and responding to breaking news events.