Tustin: Dangerous Street Takeover Defies Stay-at-Home Order (Caught On Camera)

04.17.2020 | 10:30 PM | TUSTIN – A group of approximately 100 vehicles performed donuts and other stunts in a local intersection defying stay-at-home orders amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Friday night.

The group of about 100 vehicles descended on the intersection of Del Amo and Valencia avenues near the SR-55 Freeway around 10:30 PM.

Several vehicles could be seen doing donuts, burnouts, and other stunts in the intersection while a large crowd looked on.

Many individuals could be seen standing in the street or on the corner recording on their phones while violating the rules of social distancing.

A single officer responded to the scene and dispersed the crowd without incident.

No citations or arrests were reported.

Miles Madison

Miles started reporting breaking news in 2015 and has been providing high-quality news video and timely reports from the Orange County area ever since. Combining his experience as a seasoned photojournalist, radio operator and sleuth, Miles provides unrivaled multimedia news reports.