Santa Ana: Wanted Man Arrested Leaving Bar In Downtown

02.26.2021 | 1:45 AM | SANTA ANA – A man wanted for assault with a deadly weapon was arrested while leaving a bar, early Friday morning.

Officers received information that a wanted man was at a bar located in the 400 block of North Broadway in the downtown area around 1:45 AM.

Over 15 police vehicles surrounded the area and swarmed the subject while he was walking to his car near the intersection of South Sycamore and West 5th streets.

The wanted man was placed into a police vehicle without incident but later began hitting the patrol vehicle’s windows before being calmed down by officers.

A second man was detained while officers investigated but it was unclear if he was facing any charges.

Miles Madison

Miles started reporting breaking news in 2015 and has been providing high-quality news video and timely reports from the Orange County area ever since. Combining his experience as a seasoned photojournalist, radio operator and sleuth, Miles provides unrivaled multimedia news reports.