Santa Ana: State Sues Mobile Refueling Company Alleging Pollution, Other Violations

Photo by Booster Fuels, Inc.

04.28.2022 | 9:00 PM | SANTA ANA – A company providing mobile on-demand refueling was sued by the state alleging their operations fail conform to applicable regulations  and result in pollution, according to court records.

Booster Fuels, Inc. was named as a defendant in the case instituted by the South Coast Air Quality Management District alleging ten causes of action ranging from failure to employ vapor-recovery systems to improper record-keeping.

The District alleges that Booster Fuels operates a fleet of mobile refueling trucks that deliver gasoline and other fuels to drivers in lieu of them visiting a standalone gas station.

Those trucks, however, do not operate with so-called Phase II vapor recovery systems that are required by state regulation to recover gasoline vapors emitted during the dispensing process.

Other violations, including the opening of so-called “dome hatches” on Booster’s fuel trucks, were observed by inspectors conducting surveillance utilizing infrared cameras, the lawsuit says.

In addition to failing to comply with requirements to prevent emissions, the District alleges that Booster failed to maintain proper records, violated their operating permit, and failed to retrofit their vehicles or send monthly dispensing reports.

In all the District is seeking a preliminary and permanent injunction requiring Booster to comply with existing regulations. The lawsuit also seeks hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees for violations that have accrued since Oct. 12, 2018.

Booster’s website, in contrast, claims their mobile fueling operations “reduce environmental impact” and says they operate with clean idle certified vehicles with “100% full carbon offset” that leaves no carbon footprint.

Booster provides services in 150 cities across the United States including California, Washington, Texas, and Maryland.

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