Santa Ana: Thrill Seeker Parachutes Off High-Rise Building (Caught on Camera)

05.20.2023 | 1:00 AM | SANTA ANA – A thrill seeker jumped from atop a high-rise apartment building before deploying a parachute and safely landing in a parking lot below, early Saturday morning.

The stunt occurred at the Essex Skyline at MacArthur Place, located at 15 MacArthur Place, around 1:00 AM.

Video shows an unknown individual jumping from the top of the high-rise building and promptly deploying a parachute.

An observant security professional employed by Sunset Safety Agency captured video of the stunt on camera and reported that the individual landed safely.

State law does not specifically prohibit base jumping from buildings although other charges, such as trespassing, could ground future attempts – if the thrill seeker is ever caught.

Michael Weske

Michael started reporting on breaking news in 2019 and has since proven himself to be a leader in providing factual breaking news reports from across Southern California. His professionalism and demeanor have earned him the respect of his peers and first responders alike.