Santa Ana: Brea Man Charged With Impersonating Doctor to Perform Cosmetic Procedures

Photo released by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

08.04.2022 | 8:45 PM | SANTA ANA – A Brea man is charged with multiple felonies after impersonating a medical doctor to perform cosmetic procedures on numerous victims, prosecutors say.

Elias Renteria Segoviano, 61, of Brea, is alleged to have targeted Spanish-speaking women using social media platforms including Facebook and Tiktok to perform unlicensed procedures like Botox injections, threat-lift procedures, and lip and face fillers.

Segoviano, who used various aliases including “Dr. Elias”, “Dr. Elias Renteria”, and “Dr. Elias Renteria M.D.“and even sported a personalized license plate of “ELIASMD.”, was arrested July 19, 2022 at his business, Botox in Anaheim, located within the Phenix Salon Streets, at 935 South Brookhurst Street in Anaheim.

Other locations are believed to have been used by Segoviano to operate his unlawful medical practice since 2019, including one at 339 La Habra Boulevard in La Habra. Other business names reportedly used include “Botox in Anaheim,” “Botox in Anaheim- Health and Beauty,” “Neurotoxina Botulinica- Massage Service,” “Threads in Anaheim, “Threads La Habra”, “Botox La Habra,” and “OC Threads, Botox & Fillers.”

Segoviano is currently charged, but has pled not guilty to, numerous charges including three felonies for unauthorized practice of medicine,  false indication of a medical license, and perjury. He also faces misdemeanor four misdemeanor charges for misrepresenting self as a licensed medical practitioner, representation of license not issued to him or her, misrepresentation of qualifications, and impersonating a professional nurse or pretending to be licensed to practice nursing.

If convicted of all counts Segoviano could face a maximum of five years and four months incarceration. He is currently being held in the Orange County Jail in lieu of $1 million bail.

Prosecutors suspect others may have been victim to Segoviano and urged any potential victims to come forward and contact Investigator T. Hoang of the Orange County District Attorney’s Office Bureau of Investigation at (714) 834-6538.

Segoviano’s alleged use of counter fit Botox, fillers, anesthetics, and other drugs during his operations placed the public at “extreme risk,” prosecutors added.


Miles Madison

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