Newport Beach: USPS Truck Found Abandoned With Keys Inside

10.03.2020 | 9:48 PM | NEWPORT BEACH – A USPS mail truck was found abandoned blocking an off ramp with its keys inside after it apparently broke down, Saturday night.

The Grumman Long Life Vehicle (LLV) belonging to the United States Postal Service was reported as abandoned and blocking the Bison Avenue off ramp from the northbound SR-73 Freeway around 9:48 PM.

Officers arriving on scene confirmed the vehicle was abandoned in the roadway and used their patrol vehicle to push the truck to a safe location.

No mail was located inside but keys to the truck were found stashed in the visor.

Calls to the postal service later revealed the vehicle had likely broken down and was simply left blocking lanes until a tow truck could respond.

The bizarre incident highlights heightened public scrutiny of the postal service in recent months.

Miles Madison

Miles started reporting breaking news in 2015 and has been providing high-quality news video and timely reports from the Orange County area ever since. Combining his experience as a seasoned photojournalist, radio operator and sleuth, Miles provides unrivaled multimedia news reports.