Irvine: Woman Dead After Crashing Into Lake

11.23.2023 | 9:58 PM | IRVINE – A 30-year-old woman was found dead inside her vehicle following a crash into a lake, Thanksgiving night.

The deadly crash occurred at the intersection of East and West Yale Loop at the northern tip of North Lake around 9:58 PM.

Callers reported seeing a silver Mercedes Benz sedan speed southbound through the intersection, launching itself into the lake.

Within seconds witnesses said the vehicle was entirely submerged and disappeared beneath the surface of the lake.

Rescuers searched for over an hour in small boats before locating the vehicle and using a tow truck to pull it ashore.

Inside the vehicle a 30-year-old female adult, presumed to be the driver, was found deceased. The woman was identified as Camilla Megan Mendoza, of Long Beach.

Divers searched the lake but did not locate any additional victims.

It was unclear what may have lead up to the deadly crash into the lake but police are investigating.

Anyone with information regarding the deadly crash is asked to contact Detective Christopher Ostrowski at (949) 724-7047 or

Miles Madison

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