Huntington Beach: Saturate OC Congregation Continues Despite Citation

07.24.2020 | 6:00 PM | HUNTINGTON BEACH – About a thousand individuals gathered for a beachside congregation and ocean baptisms despite city attempts to shutter the religious event, Friday evening.

Those city attempts including the issuance of a citation, saturated parking enforcement, and signs saying the event had been cancelled only hours before the event was slated to begin.

Despite the city efforts roughly a thousand individuals gathered on the beach for what some called a “church revival” near Lifeguard Tower 20.

Pastor Henry Hastings baptized about 80 individuals in the ocean after a sermon that included remarks from Jessi Green, one of the group’s organizers who was cited for facilitating the event.

Hand sanitizer, water, and masks were available at no charge by members of Saturate OC but many felt safe attending the religious event without the use of any protective equipment.

Saturate OC is held on a weekly basis and is expected to continue next week despite city efforts to shutter the event.

Miles Madison

Miles started reporting breaking news in 2015 and has been providing high-quality news video and timely reports from the Orange County area ever since. Combining his experience as a seasoned photojournalist, radio operator and sleuth, Miles provides unrivaled multimedia news reports.