Fullerton: Van Shears Power Pole Leaving It Suspended Mid-Air

04.22.2023 | 11:22 PM | FULLERTON – A crash into a power pole left the pole suspended in mid-air, late Saturday night.

The traffic collision involving a power pole was reported in the 900 block of North Euclid Street around 11:22 PM.

When authorities arrived they found a white Chevrolet panel van that had sheared the base of a power pole, downing wires and leaving the pole suspended in the air.

The driver of the truck, a male adult, was reportedly trapped but later self-extricated with the assistance of firefighters.

It was unclear if drugs, alcohol, or speed might have been involved in the crash.

All lanes of North Euclid Street were closed until further notice while authorities worked to repair the sheared power pole.

Michael Weske

Michael started reporting on breaking news in 2019 and has since proven himself to be a leader in providing factual breaking news reports from across Southern California. His professionalism and demeanor have earned him the respect of his peers and first responders alike.