Tustin: Suspected DUI Driver Shears Hydrant Before Crashing Into Parking Lot

11.13.2021 | 11:39 PM | TUSTIN – A suspected DUI driver was under arrest after shearing a fire hydrant in a crash that left the vehicle she was driving heavily damaged in a parking lot, late Saturday night.

The crash was reported near the intersection of Edinger Avenue and Parkway Loop around 11:40 PM.

When units arrived on scene they located a black sedan that had sheared a fire hydrant and two sign poles before coming to rest on a patch of grass in a parking lot.

Firefighters worked to shut off the flow of water to the fire hydrant while assessing the female driver, and solo occupant of the vehicle, for injuries.

The woman refused medical treatment and was later placed under arrest on suspicion of DUI.

Initial reports indicate the woman was traveling westbound on Edinger Avenue when she failed to negotiated a curve and jumped a curb onto the northern sidewalk before colliding with a fire hydrant.

The hydrant was sheared, sending a geyser of water about 60 feet into the air, while the vehicle continued diagonally, striking a sign in the center divider before jumping the a curb onto the southern sidewalk.

Another sign was downed as the vehicle continued through a bush and to its final responding spot on a patch of grass in a parking lot below.

A box of seltzer containing alcohol was observed being removed from the sedan by police.

Miles Madison

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