Chattanooga, TN: FedEx Airplane Skids Off Runway After Landing Gear Fails To Deploy

10.04.2023 | 11:04 PM | CHATTANOOGA – A FedEx airplane with faulty landing gear skidded off an airport runway in a landing that sent sparks flying, Wednesday night.

The Boeing 757 operated by FedEx with reported faulty landing gear that was failing to deploy shortly after takeoff from Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport around around 11:00 PM.

Shortly after discovering the faulty landing gear the crew of three aboard the circled back to the airport and landed the aircraft on its belly.

The landing, which was caught no cell phone, sent sparks flying as the aircraft skidded off a main runway into a grassy field.

No injuries were reported but the airports primary runway was temporarily closed as a result of the gear-up landing.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the incident.

Michael Weske

Michael started reporting on breaking news in 2019 and has since proven himself to be a leader in providing factual breaking news reports from across Southern California. His professionalism and demeanor have earned him the respect of his peers and first responders alike.